Café Terrace at Night by Vincent Van Gogh depicts the beautiful and lively night café scene in Arles during the 1880.

Painted by Vincent Van Gogh

Café Terrace at Night was painted by Vincent Van Gogh during his time in Arles. The night scene in Arles in 1880s was flourishing with patrons roaming around the town late at night. They were either people looking for a great time, drunkards, or homeless ones who had no other place to go.

The night sky

This painting was the first in the Starry Night trilogy, and you can clearly see the signature night sky. The other companions of this trilogy include the Starry Night and Starry Night Over Rhone.

Instead of painting the sky as black, Van Gogh painted it as dark blue with stars depicted in yellow and white colours. The effect might have been too modern or abstract for its time, but now, it is considered as one of the most enchanting paintings of all time.

Horse carriage at the middle of it all

The centre of the painting is not the café or the night, but the horse carriage. When you look closely, you will notice that all the lines in the painting converge towards the horse carriage which stands proud in the middle of the whole scene.

Instead of drawing first and then painting the picture in the daytime, Van Gogh decided to paint it straight away in the night.

This painting might have been done more than 100 years ago, but the Café Terrace in Arles still stands. Even though it has been remodelled a lot over the years, people can still visit it and have a drink.

Current value of Café Terrace at Night

While it’s difficult to correctly estimate a Van Gogh painting because these paintings are often bought in bidding auctions, but its easy to say that if sold, the Café Terrace painting would easily go for $100 million.

Café Terrace at Night at Kröller-Müller Museum, Otterlo

This amazing painting is placed at Kröller-Müller Museum, Otterlo for the public to view.