The best alternative to a real Van Gogh!

Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most famous artists in this world. It’s been more than 100 years since his death, but the world still remembers him for the amazing work that he did. His stunning original paintings are now auctioned for hundreds of millions of dollars. Though it might be difficult for everyone to shell out that kind of money and own their favourite Van Gogh paintings, you can opt for oil reproductions.

Van Gogh’s Life

Vincent Van Gogh might be a world famous artist now, someone whose name is echoed through several parts of the world. But the talented artist wasn’t so lucky when he was alive. He made hundreds of paintings, drawings, and sketches during the last ten years of his life, but he starved to get appreciation.

He would often stand in front of cafés in Arles, hoping to get his paintings showcased, but the patrons of his time never really appreciated Van Gogh’s work. It was his brother Theo, who gave his undying support to Vincent and made sure he had everything needed to solely focus on painting. Although Theo died just 6 months after Vincent, Theo’s widow took it upon herself to make it possible for Van Gogh’s work to be exhibited everywhere.

Paintings by Vincent Van Gogh

The last ten years of Vincent Van Gogh’s life were probably the most lucrative years of his life. He executed hundreds of paintings, drawings, and sketches. One of the most popular and recognizable painting by Vincent Van Gogh is the Starry Night. One of the reasons why the painting stands out is because it isn’t black and white. Instead, the sky is painted blue and stars painted yellow.

The painting showcases a night sky with stars, clouds, and a crescent moon, all with a distinct luminescence. With the distinct curves, the painting always keep’s the viewer’s eyes moving.

Below this magical sky is a small town which seems peaceful and essentially flowing. Some of the other critically acclaimed paintings by Vincent Van Gogh include the Yellow House, Bedroom in Arles, Café Terrace at Night, and Sunflowers.